Lethargic chick with White poop, I can even hear the little chick poop!!!

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Apr 5, 2013
Lethargic baby chick 3 wks old, pooping white poop in very tiny amounts, barely keeps eyes open. Will get up to eat and cuddle friends. I am force feeding water. Why would this little chick have tiny white lose poops, that are very loud, it sound like Happy(chicks name) has gas or something. I can tell Happy is miserable, Happy always runs up to me and wants to be held since the day I brought Happy home, and this morning Happy didn't even greet me and sleeps all day. PLEASE HELP!!! I love Happy and Happy is miserable what can I do!?
sounds like happy might have coccidosis.not all cases of cocci involve bloody poo. infact she can have coccidosis without bloody poo at all. please treat with CORID. corid kills all 9 strains of cocci while other meds only kill Certain strains. symptoms of cocci are very sleepy ruffled feathers lethergy eyes closed. and sometimes bloody poo. the Corid should help but get it fast because time is of essence.mix the corid with water and if she's not drinking you might have to get her to drink with eyedropper very carefully. to ensure that she gets her medicine. Corid should heal her. its the best medicine for cocci. after she is well you might consider giving a probotic to replace any good bacteria that might have been lost in treatment. I wish you the best and hope she gets better soon. the Corid should do the job. good luck

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