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  1. sunnyschickens

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    Feb 5, 2009
    2 1/2 week old BO purchased from TS is very lethargic. I separated her from her 9 sisters who are fine and active. Tired baby has no other symptoms, just sleeps and is so tired when she does try to walk that she appears disoriented. I dipped her beak in water but she does not drink. Breathing seems a bit quick and labored. When I hold her she tucks her beak into my hand and falls asleep. As I said, I separated her, but does she really need to be quarantined?

    BTW, I have been a member of BYC for 7 years but just got chickens!!!!

    Thanks so much for suggestions!
  2. svitlaangel

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    Mar 15, 2016
    For now you could try dropper feeding her some honey with water to give her a bit of energy. Is she eating? And have you seen her poop? Hope she pulls through <3
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  3. enola

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    Sounds like coccidia to me. Could you get her some Corid?
  4. sunnyschickens

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    Feb 5, 2009
    I moistened some food and held it up to her little beak, and either she ate a little or spat it out, I can't tell. I have not seen her poop at all, no unusual poop in the brooder. She has been on medicated feed (they all have) for about a week, so yes to the Amprolium. I did not try honey. She won't try grapes or blueberries. Before going to bed last night I had to put her back into the brooder with her sisters, and this morning she is still very weak and lethargic. When she tries to get up she falls over. My husband got up very early this morning expecting to see that she hadn't made it, but she's still alive. I will just keep trying to get her to drink. Thank you both for your help. I will post when there is a change, for better or worse!
  5. sdaikus

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    Mar 20, 2016
    Just wondering how your chick is? I have a 3 day old with the same symptoms.. Not sure if I should start corid [​IMG]

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