Lethargic Chicken


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Jul 20, 2013
Springfield, MO
Hi, I am new to raising chickens and started my flock last August. We have 4 hens in a suburban setting. Starting yesterday one of my Wyandottes has started sleeping in the nesting box (she's not on an egg nor have we had an issue with her sleeping in the box before)...and then today she is just sitting on the coop floor...this is her only weird symptom as of now. We had a big storm yesterday so I didn't think anything of her being inside the coop, but today it is nice out and she is staying inside-not like her at all. Do any of you know what could be her issue? Or am I getting worried over nothing?

-Thanks in advance


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Apr 3, 2011
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I would check inside her vent for a stuck egg, check her crop for impaction, look for mites and lice eggs near vent, and stand her up and make sure she can use her legs. It might be a good idea to worm them with fenbendazole or Valbazen (albendazole.)

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