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  1. Geebes

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    Mar 28, 2014
    Yesterday I noticed one of my chickens seemed a bit off, she wasn't interested in food and didn't move a lot. Today she is worse, she just stands in one spot with her eyes closed and tail down. She isn't interested in food or water but when she went to the toilet her feaces were runny, off white and very smelly. Her comb seems a different colour too with the tips a darker colour: [​IMG]
    She is also just letting me stroke her which she never does. Any ideas?
  2. Eggcessive

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    Apr 3, 2011
    southern Ohio
    Is it very cold where you live. Does the comb appear to have frostbite, or is it just turning blue because of her illness? I would bring her inside where it is warm in a cage, and give her some electrolyte water by dipping her beak, or giving it with a dropper. A blue comb shows that she is not getting enough oxygen to her heart. Diarrhea can be caused by coccidiosis, worms, respiratory diseases, enteritis, and other infections. In addition to electrolyte water, I would offer her some egg and put some warm water into her normal feed, and try to get her to eat. If you can get Valbazen, I would worm her with 1/2 ml orally, then repeat in 10 days. SafeGuard equine paste or liquid goat wormer is also good to use for worming. If possible taking her to a vet to get a sample of her droppings tested for worms, coccidia, and bacteria would be good to do.

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