Lethargic hen - many questions!!

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    Apr 18, 2010
    I have a 15 month old Buff acting strangely this morning. Her tail is droopy and she appears to be trying to either poo or force an egg. She did pass a watery poo this morning. Right now she's sleeping on the deck - eyes are shut and head and tail are drooped - while others are busy preening themselves and perky. No one is picking on her (yet). She may be the same buff that we watched drop a broken soft shelled egg a few days ago under a shade tree in the yard. (I pulled the remaining soft shell from her vent, then she wandered around acting just fine.) Her comb is nice and pink, she's just "droopy." All the birds get fresh water daily with ACV and fed Purina Layena feed along with kitchen scraps (mainly fruits/veggies). All of the birds free range and have open access to oyster shell.

    Do I check her for a stuck egg (what am I feeling for exactly?? - what if it's another soft shell?). Do we put her in a warm bath anyway? I have some PoyViSol (with Iron) on hand - do I try to boost her energy with that - how much would I give her?? Maybe some scrambled eggs or yogurt?
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    Mar 22, 2010
    use the polysol without iron in it. if she is egg bound, which she may be, the droopy tail or penquin stance is a tell tail sign, give her a bath in warm water apply lub to her vent to help move the egg, you can gently message her belly too. Some have put their hens on a warm heating pad, it helps to relax the pelvic muscles to help pass the egg

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