Lethargic Hen Not Eating, Laying, and has Maggots in Feathers



Oct 15, 2020
Hi everyone. I have a problem. My favorite and first chicken, ( only one left from 1st Generation ) Daisy is lethargic! I will go into the details, She is not walking around hardly at all. She is not eating. She has not layed since 3-4 days ago. At first I thought she was just on a normal egg- break. But she has gone too long without laying! She is a 2 year old Buff Orpington hen.
She lives with 2 flock mates Spice and Hailey Both 1 year old Rhode Island Reds. They eat Dumor 16% Layer crumble. And they have fresh food and water available to them at all times. But that is not all, she has maggots in her feathers. All of my chickens are free range. Every morning I open the coop door to see my chickens and in out in the yard. Daisy is in critical condition and she is not even standing! Just laying over with her head drooping! Please help my baby! Without her I am not the same! That's why my profile name is DaisyBuff! I hope you can help me! I know maggots can get into all types of toxins she may of ate some and became sick? Or egg bound? Some gastrointestinal infection? I found her laying in an awkward position earlier and I am worried, do I need to separate her? Pictures below.


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