Lethargic hen PLEASE HELP!


Sep 25, 2015
I have a Red sexlink hen named Cinnamon.She has been opening her mouth as if she needs breath,and all the hens I have with the respitory disease usually don't do that.She has been sitting in the coop for most of the day,but im not sure if it's the snow,or if she is really sick.

Also,do chickens shed skin?Or are my hens getting leg mites?


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Apr 3, 2011
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What respiratory disease have you been seeing, and what are the symptoms? It sounds like she is gasping, so she may be worse than the others. Most respiratory diseases are pretty contagious, and make carriers of the flock sometimes for life, depending on what they have. Tylan 50 injectable, oxytetracycline, and Tylan powder for the water are good to use for some diseases like MG. Respiratory diseases can be complicated by secondary infections or air sacculitis, making it more serious. You can get one tested locally to find out what disease you are seeing to know more how to treat it.

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