lethargic hen, swollen front, dunno what's wrong


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Sep 30, 2014
i recently noticed one of my hens acting weird; she was sitting in the nest box acting broody and frazzled and her pupils were dialated. when i let them out to free range, she was not very excited and i had to lift her over the step into the coop( she usually jumps) and then she wandered over to a tree and sat there looking mopey and tired. she also seemed to have a swollen sac of something on her front. it seemed like her crop. i felt it and i found what i think was chicken food. if anyone can help, that would be great. thanks, momo


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Mar 21, 2012
I have one the exact same! I think she is either layin internally or has worms. Am going to deworm her and see. Do a full examination to rule out all possible problems.
Give her a warm bath and gently see if you can see or feel a possible stuck egg. seperate her from the others to see if she drinks/eats and what her poo looks like. If her crop shrinks then she probably doesn't have a problem with her crop. If shes lost weight it could be worms. but if she stay like that or a while she could be layin internally...Hope you find out what it is! I'm still stumped with mine, hate seeing her in pain.
Here's my little chicken :(
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Jun 18, 2014
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I had a hen die today, similar symptoms.
Late yesterday afternoon she got huddled down, quiet. I put her in the coop last night and this morning put in a big box in the garage. I didn't feel an egg bound and her vent looked normal. She has never been a consistent layer and started much later than the others (she is/was a Silver Laced Wyandotte). I gave her water with electrolytes in it and some egg which she ate a tiny bit of. Checked on her a few times. Checked again and she was dead.

We had a "sister" of hers die a few months back from what started as a tumor and then she got wry neck. We had her euthanized and a necropsy done which didn't give me anything definitive. He came up with avian leucosis or possible mereks. It would have been more money to get more testing done and we choose not to.
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