Lethargic hen with white runny poop

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6 Years
Sep 13, 2013
Our Barred Rock has been in perfect healthy and then suddenly yesterday she is lethargic and has white runny poop. She is just standing with her eyes closed. She looks miserable. She also looks puffed up....like she is bigger. Our hens haven't started laying yet but should start any day. Could her first egg be impacted?? All other 5 hens are fine. Her vent is red and swollen and pulsating. She has not had any food or water since I let her out of the coop and we are super worried.
I'm not really sure, but I think it helps their muscles contract, kind of the same way the birthing hormone works, but don't quote me on the, lol.

We just took another peak at her vent and we can see something in there.....I'm assuming an egg. So if this is her first egg, is it normal to look so distressed and have the white runny poop?

Her egg is bound. We are watching her try to push it out but she cannot. We have given her a warm butt bath and warm compresses on her vent. Now what????? We can see the egg but the opening inside her vent will not get any bigger to pass the egg.
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Poor baby...is there a vet in your area that you can take her to so they can help get it out? Sounds kinda strange I know, but there are vets who will help. We have one in our area that helps chicks with bound eggs, hope you do too.

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