Lethargic/hurt/shedding HEN HELP!

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    Mar 18, 2015
    Hi everyone!

    My ISA brown is roughly two years old seems to be in pain.

    6 months - a year ago she had an injury in her right leg. She was limping for a while, but it slowly got much better and eventually the limp was barely recognizable. I fear she may have just gotten used to a slight annoyance of pain.

    For around 4-6 months she started losing her around her neck. I was initially concerned, but after some research I thought she was just molting and just let her be. But those feathers never came back. At times one side seemed to be REDDISH as if the CHIN(red beard) was growing bigger. But now it just looks like chicken skin.

    A week or so ago she had great trouble. She was barely walking around and just sitting down. Eating and drinknig well though.

    I was very concerned and gave her tiny amounts of Aspirin.

    3 days her ago i noticed that she has started to SHED alot of feathers all around her body. Her right leg is what seems to trouble her. She never puts any weight on it, and when she tries to stretch it, her leg starts shaking. I've also noticed that alot of her feathers have shed aorund her leg region as well.

    Two days ago she was unable to jump onto the top level of the COOP to sleep. She only made it to the middle. But thankfully the next day she had the strength to make it (jump to the top) however the next morning she didnt come back down on her own. I had to move her to the floor.

    Now she is drinking, but her stomach( is that what its called?) feels empty and she isnt eating either.

    please help me!! :(
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    So sorry no one responded...I am clueless, but it sounds like the poor thing was suffering. Is she doing better? If not, I think I would end her misery...:(

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