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Lethargic no body control, dies within hours

Discussion in 'Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures' started by Melissa76tx, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. Melissa76tx

    Melissa76tx Hatching

    Jul 4, 2016
    HI all, Im a newbie to BYC.
    Ive had chickens now for a little over a year and currently have 26 chickens. Silkies, Doms, Barred rocks, Buff Op. Red and Golden Sex link, leghorns and 2 of the cutest little Cochins 1 duck and 1 goose
    We havent had any problems at all with illnesses until today. We had a 4mo barred rock roo who has been looking/feeling pretty skinny the last couple of days but has been eating and getting around fine and doing all the teenage roo things. My daughter found him lethargic, laying on the ground, she thought something broke his neck as he could not hold it up and his wings were limp. We put him in a box under the shade tree so the other chickens wouldnt mess with him. Within 2hrs my black and white silkie roo had the same symptoms. We havent noticed that he was underweight, as this morning when let out of their yard, he and the barred rock were acting normal. I didnt have any pedilyte so I gave them both a few drops of sugar water. Within 10mins both chickens were dead. I ran to tractor supply and bought some wazine 17 (after googling and thinking the whole flock may have worms with how these 2 acted), got all the chickens back in their pen and medicated the water. The 2mo old cochins and 1, 2mo old barred rock are kept in a seperate pen inside the bigger chicken pen. I noticed in the cochin pen diarrhea. I couldnt tell which one it was coming from, So they got the medicated water also. All the other chickens are acting and looking normal when I checked on them around 7pm. All the flock came from either Tractor supply or hatcheries so Im assuming theyve all had their shots.
    Does this sound like a case of worms or something worse? I dont want to lose my whole flock!

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