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Dec 21, 2010
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Hello all, I've been doing a ton of searching and I think my rooster may have intestinal worms. He has been very lethargic, has had runny poop with more white than normal, and has not been excited about food. He is still eating but considerably less and he won't come running to me when I shake the treat can like he usually does. He just stands around barely moving and looks like he is sleeping standing up. I did not have a very hard time catching him (which is very abnormal) and I checked him all over and found no external parasites of any kind. He has also not crowed in 2 days. He is usually very attentive of his girls but that has slipped the last 2 days, he still goes everywhere with them but once they stop to forage he just stands in one spot. 21 weeks old never been wormed but grew up on medicated feed.

I have recently been giving them more table scraps than normal. Also the neighbors 2 roosters came up to to the house on sunday and also came up monday. All they did was crow at each other from across the yard, no fighting or contact that i saw or herd. Both times I ran the 2 strangers away.

I also have a pullet that started to lay last week (20 weeks). She laid 3 eggs, 1 every other day until Sunday. Now she has not laid but sings the egg song and sits in her nest box a few times a day. She had very watery poop (clear liquid with streaks of white no solid stuff at all). She is acting totally normal other than those 2 symptoms.

All the rest of the clan has no symptoms at all.

Any suggestions? Do you think the roo has worms? Could it be just a change in diet? it seems more that just that to me but I new to chickens. I'm heading to TSC to get some Wazine tomorrow.

Thanks for any help


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