Lethargic, Water Stools, Egg Issue- any ideas?!

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    Feb 22, 2017
    I have a bbs Orpington that is just about 9 months old. She has been laying since October. Sunday she was fine. Then yesterday she layed clear liquid with a long white thing that was like something they lay when they first start up. It was a skinny tube with no shell. I felt inside and there was no broken egg shell. She has had clear stinky poos and acts lethargic. She only wants to drink... And is really thirsty. She walks slowly outside. Her crop is full of liquids. It's not a crazy stinky sour smell, but there is a smell. When i tipped her over to tree to help relieve the crop- tons of fluid came out. She was then raspy for a while- i think some of the liquids went into her airway. She just looks depressed.

    Is this sore crop? If so, why would it start with an egg issue? She hasn't layed today. Please help! This is a new issue for me.
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    The long white thing was most likely part of a soft egg shell - the clear liquid sounds like egg whites. Since she is lethargic, then she most likely has some remains of soft shell left in her or it's possibly the egg yolk traveled back up the oviduct and drop into the abdomen. This can cause infection (Egg Yolk Peritonitis - internal laying/reproductive disorders).

    Feel her abdomen to see if it feels bloated or swollen. Sour/slow crop is usually a symptom of an underlying condition. Internal laying/reproductive disorders (swelling/inflammation of the oviduct and/or intestines) can cause a blockage or make it difficult for food/water to pass through.

    Give her a soak in a warm espom salts bath or place her in a steamed up bathroom. Give her extra calcium like Tums, Liquid Calcium or yogurt. If you have them give her some poultry vitamins as well. Drinking is fine - you don't want her to become dehydrated. Give only wet feed, you can also give some chopped hard boiled egg if she will take it.

    Keep in her a quiet place and see if she will pass more egg matter or lay her egg.

    Here's more information on treating crop issues:

    See if this is what you saw:
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    Feb 22, 2017
    I ended up giving her a home formula from the web- it was pureed carrots, garlic, and some other things. Within a day she was up and running like her old self. She has been as healthy as a horse since.

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