Lethargic won't open eyes...

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    Sep 1, 2010
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    When I went out to let my chickens out of their coop this morning, one was really slow coming out. I went over to him & realized his eyes were shut. I thought he was just waking up, but then when he wouldn't open them at all I knew something was wrong. I immediately took him to a small cage in my garage and he just huddled up in the corner (head drooping slightly). I went back out to take a look at my other birds and noticed 3 others in a similiar (not quite as bad) state. I brought them all inside and put them together (I don't have a lot of room to separate them). Their poop shows no sign of blood. I put antibiotic in their water, but they're not drinking it b/c they won't open their eyes! I tried using a dropper, but that didn't really work...I couldn't get them to open their beaks. I dipped their beaks in the water, but not sure that they really got enough to make a difference. Any advice would be helpful...(other 6 chickens seemed to be fine this evening when I locked them up for the night). I treated their waterer in the coop w/ antibiotic, so hopefully they were drinking during the day.
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    Quote:Take a warm wash rag and wipe their eyes clean, if you have any , put a little antibiotic eye ointment in the eyes to keep them from sticking together. If you let them have their eyes stuck together very long there is a chance they will lose the eye. If you do not have any eye ointment you can use a little vaseline instead. If both eyes are closed look for Laryngo . Don

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