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Sep 18, 2014
My four month old Maran is lethargic and is not hanging out with her three sisters. I'm concerned about her and am wondering if these symptoms are normal prior to egg laying? Or could she be sick? If so, what do I do?
Is she definitely laying? That would be very young to be laying. Are there any other symptoms? Fluffed feathers, strange poop, mites, lice, injuries, discoloration in comb? Also what do you feed her? They should not be on layer feed that young. It will damage their kidneys. 18-20 weeks is suggested age of starting them on layer feed. I would do a thorough check for any illness symptom and watch her closely. It may be that she is just at the bottom of the pecking order.

And I would like to add
I give her crumbles a bit of pellets to slowly introduce it to their diet and some grit sprinkled on top. They enjoy fresh tomatoes also. This is rather sudden. Could it be she consumed too much grit? Or their sand bath isn't cleaned enough and maybe she ate some poop?
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Can they have treats such as sunflowers? I have been giving them a very small amount from my hand...?? I'm so worried about her.
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Yes, but treats such as sunflowers should be given in moderation. They will only eat as much grit as their body needs. What kind of pellets & crumbles are you giving? At that age she should still be on chick starter. Is she drinking good? I would give her some electrolytes. Also, what does her poop look like? Poop is sometimes a tell tale sign for illness in chickens. Good luck. I will check back after I get home from work. Maybe another member will have more to add
Yes, they are on chick starter and all were doing just fine. I provide Manna Pro supplements and grit as well. She deteriorated significantly however this morning appeared in less distress. I am giving her electrolytes and warn water, hold her and give her a tiny bit of grit as I believe her crop is impacted. She's gotten a little bit of olive oil and I think she is improving. She's weak as she hasn't been getting enough nourishment in terms of real food, but she's hanging on. She's strong and hanging on. I found an ER where there is a doctor that sees exotic pets and have an appointment for later today, depending on how I find her when I get home.
thanks for your help.
She is not laying eggs, she is only four months old, by the way. She did poop yesterday which is a good thing, she is not vomiting and is holding down fluids I'm giving her with a syringe.

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