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Pineapple on pizza?

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Jun 21, 2020
Maximum number of cats is the number I can pay attention to, take care of, and afford vet visits for.
Of course. I have 3 cats, and I think people really shouldn’t be trying to care for more than 5. I was joking and obviously there should be a limit lol- but I mean we are chicken owners and limits are hard to set


May 20, 2020
NE Ohio
I "rescued" two little aloe plants in the same dry pot from Walmart this morning. I suppose I should go repot them and get them on their road to recovery.
2 questions for you:
1-how do you keep aloe alive?
2- how do you use/store it? they sell giant leaves in our grocery stores and I don’t know how to get the gel out or how to store it.
^That right there is the best way to make it, over night in then crockpot!

Next best, is coring the apples, filling with butter & brown sugar blended together then slathered across the top of them all. Covered in cinnamon & those giant oatmeal flakes.
Fill with "just enough water" & in the morning..... Oh Yummy!

I so can *smell it now* (happy sigh)
Stop it! Now I want it:drool
I don’t have a slow cooker, but I do have a rice cooker. Been doing some research on the web but cant figure out if they are interchangeable. Anyone tried it out?

Now really a funny memory, but I once let someone "borrow" a horse of mine, then found out they were giving riding lessons on him, and letting people trailer him off the property. Said person didn't hook the trailer up properly and it came of the hitch while they were driving.

Sort of funny was when I loaned my 2 horse trailer to someone and they agreed to put new tires on it in exchange. When I got it back it had 4 all terrain tires on it. :th
I noticed you didnt use the term “friend” :gig
Did they not think you would find out?!
Did you keep the tires? 🤣


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Feb 24, 2013
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1-how do you keep aloe alive?
Treat it like a cactus. Minimal water and potted in sandy soil.

The pot in front was the original container.
2- how do you use/store it? they sell giant leaves in our grocery stores and I don’t know how to get the gel out or how to store it.
I don't store it. If I have the need for the gel, I harvest a leaf at the time that I need it. In one particular case, I had second degree burns on the bottom of my left arm.

I split a leaf open, cut it to size and bandaged it to my arm. The next morning my burn was down to being just a 1st degree burn. It was healed nicely within 2 weeks.

I believe that no kitchen should be without an aloe plant growing in it.
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