Lets Make A New Bantam Chicken!

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  1. Let make a new bantam, and try to standerize it and get it accepted by The American Poultry Assoiation! Mix these breeds in order (any color): Male Bantam polish (non- bearded) with a Female Wyandotte, then mate a female one of those to a male leghorn for good egg laying, then mate a male of that to a female EE, and last mate a male that to a Plymouth rock. We would get a small good laying backyard chicken. every month, please post pics. once i get chickens, i will help too. and lets vote for a name! [​IMG]
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    Quote:I don't mean to be rude or anything [​IMG] and by all means feel free to try this but it is extremely hard to get anything accepted and get a color going. Heck, you have to have over 50 birds of 1 color at a show to even get it noticed by the APA and I think these crossings will just look like a cross-bred chicken. Everyone would be breeding random birds together and accepting them into the APA if it was easy and then the APA would look like a joke. Sorry, JMHO
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    Quote:LOL i'm sorry [​IMG] I don't want to deter you I just want you to realize how hard it is
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    That would be awesome.
    but I don't think it's gonna happen :C
  5. Well then, just mate a male bantam ploish with a female bantam rock. [​IMG]
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    It would be neat to have a new breed, but it isnt as easy as just mixing random breeds together and hoping it can have the desirable traits wanted . It can take many generations of breeding to get a desirable trait really going through a group of birds over a time of breeding. Maybe it would be an easier project to help contribute to a new color project? For an example, Mille Fleur Cochins? There are some breeding trios on eggbid that are for sale. Didnt want to rain on your parade or anything, but like chickenlover54 said, if it is hard to get a color recognized, it would be a pretty long and hard road creating a new breed and trying to get it recognized by APA.
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    Chuckle. If you're interested in new bantam breeds, take up Sizzles. The genetics are challenging, hilarious and we're already working on the breed. I have several sixth generation Sizzles now. There's quite a large group taking it up. I have blue/black/splash and working on a Birchen line as well, but it's further behind, as my male had significant cochin features instead of silkie ones. But my sixth generation kids look nice, so I'm getting there. This year I go back to Silkies to get more type. Then back to their progeny this fall.

    I'll be at this for years. I enjoy it. And it will be years before we have enough of a genepool and people interested in showing to do APA shows for acceptance. But you can work for six or ten generations to get even a few dozen birds that really meet a show standard consistently. That's a LOT of space, time, feed and money, as you have to raise EACH generation to full adulthood to judge type, then you toss out what doesn't fit, and try with what comes close. Meaning you hatch near year round, working for two or three generations a year, with any luck, rearing many many chicks, only to sell most off at a loss.

    If you want to get into a new breed undergoing acceptance RIGHT now - look into Marans. Also a breed being worked on but should be accepted next year by the looks of things.

    If you love a breed, it's worth the effort. I happen to love Sizzles and Sizzle genetics, so I'm in. I've even got a couple of marans. My main group are Delawares and my layers are Rocks (blue black and barred). But I don't combine them at whim or pretend mutts are anything but mutts.

    Establishing a breed is serious business, takes years and is lots of fun, if you're into that kind of hard work.

    I do sell off mutts when they happen and they make good layers or chicken dinner, but a first generation cross of anything is just a mutt. Four of five first generations only creates a very confused looking chicken. It will still lay, or still be meat, but it's a pet, not a purebred.

    Breeds happen deliberately and slowly, you document, you set type, you cull birds that don't fit the type, you breed again, and you repeat that for years. You keep records. You feed a lot of birds that just get culled. You shovel a LOT of ----. For something you love, that's all just part of the deal. For a whim, it just sucks.
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    Quote:Sorry. but it wont work.
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    Quote:LOL i'm sorry [​IMG] I don't want to deter you I just want you to realize how hard it is

    You weren't the rude one. [​IMG]
    Goodness you guys have been so kind after such an unkind remark, even to the point of offering to take him under your wing on one of the project birds. I could never have recovered so well after such a slap. [​IMG] Of course maybe you're aware that he lacks the follow through for that kind of work.
    I'm impressed with everyone's kindness and patience. Kudos!

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