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    so i been looking into goats for awhile and been thinking i only want three they will have plenty of room and a big stall in my barn i want milk goats so i been thinking of only one buck but put him in a different fence in area till i want him to breed he will always be able to see the does or could i put them in together and they will only breed when the does go in heat in the fall

    If i can always leave them together would i have to put buck in different pen while their pregnant, the baby will be bottle baby what should i give them in the body after the first 24 hours

    edited to add I want Nubians for the most part but might settle for alpine
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    Jan 26, 2014
    I'll address the keeping a buck alone question later unless Stacey or Cassie gets on and does.
    It is not a good idea to leave a buck in with your does all the time. He will harass them even after bred, and during pregnancy, and will also breed them back way to soon. They need to be fenced seperate.

    After your babies get their colostrum, the best thing for them is goat milk. If you can't get that, see if someone local has cow's milk you can pasturize. If that doesn't work, go to the store and buy them whole cow's milk. And if that doesn't work, milk replacer is a last resort.
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    How long will a nubian stay in milk because I'm going to wean 3-4 months.
    Will the buck be fine alone in his own cage also thought about just getting a stud
    what we be the best plan i dont want a weither i see no purpose but pet for a weither

    ------- All i really want to know how should i start a small dairy operation my goal is for milk and good kidding
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    Apr 21, 2014
    I would love to have goats! our neighbor has them. Trying to convince the fam.
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    Can I legally sell goat milk at a farmers market
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    In most states you cannot sell raw milk period. Doesn't matter if it is from a cow, goat or sheep.
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    so if i get goat i should only get enough for my family
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    Jan 26, 2014
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    To figure out what breed of milking goat might be best for your family, it would be good to calculate how much you consume. If you use a lot of milk, a heavier milking breeding might be best. Or if you use less, a Nigerian Dwarf from good milking lines could fit your needs.

    Goats should be kept in pairs at a minimum, so don't plan on just one goat, plan on two. A single goat is a stressed and LOUD goat (they can seriously screech when they are upset/separated)!

    Edit: nevermind, saw you an earlier post where three were your plan. Sorry. I need to go back and start from the beginning!
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    Waiting For Kids
    Thought I was going to get kids today, my old girl, Mary, was off her food this-morning and showed an itchy udder, which is full of milk. She also isolated herself from the rest of my little flock. Actually sought out my company and allowed me to feel her for movement, this is not normal for her. This will be her 4th set of kids and she has needed help with all he deliveries. Stayed close all day. Tonight she is cuddled up with Jack, the billy.

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