Letting them out for the 1st time!


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8 Years
Feb 28, 2011
Smithville, MO
Well, after some persuasion, the chickens made it out of the coop for about a 1/2 hour last evening. We put the rooster outside the coop 1st because he is less flighty. The hens were pretty cautious, but eventually all of them made it out. Oh, btw, I've got a small flock of Buckeyes; 4 hens and a Roo. Beautiful chickens!

Tonight I'm letting them all out around 4 pm till sunset. We'll see how it goes. They sure love to eat the weeds!
It's exciting letting chickens free range for the first time! So did they make it back in their coop last night without help?
They sure did. In fact, they were a little hesitant to leave the coop. Once we go the Rooster out, the hens kind of followed suit.
Good job!

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