Leucistic Canada Goose

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    I've shared this just about everywhere else, might as well here as well. Went on a "Big Day" yesterday (04 Jan 13) and at my last stop found perhaps the most common waterfowl species in North America, however, I find them awesome birds and always try to study the group to see if I can determine what races are here in Missouri. Sticking around and being a nerd paid off big when observing through the flock of normal Canadas & Cacklers, I found these two leucistic birds. Will be curious to see if they stick with the resident population that lives at this lake or migrate.



    More pics: http://www.animalwonders.net/lcangoose.html

    eBird checklist & report: http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist?subID=S12493591


    What was really remarkable was how the two seemed to be bonded to each other, even when mingling with other geese. First I've seen wild birds in person of this color.


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    Really cool find, and nice pictures, thanks for sharing. Those would be some cool genes to have in the "domestic" wildfowl flock!
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