LF Lavender Ameraucan cockerel (John Blehm line) for sale

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    Please do not hit the Buy it Now button, just PM me.

    I received chicks from a local breeder in August (hatched around August 25th or so), and ended up with 3 boys and 1 girl. One of the boys has to go. The breeder I got these from got her stock from John Blehm. The lavender color is still a project in the works. To help better this color variety and continue to work the project, ideally you would have excellent type black Ameraucana hen's to breed this cockerel with. Their offspring would be split black (split for lavender, meaning they will carry the lavender gene). If the offspring are bred back to the lavender cockerel, you will end up with a new genereation of lavender Ameraucana with better type. Repeat again and again until the lavender birds have excellent type.

    I am planning to visit the Winter Brisk show in Chehalis next Saturday. I am not showing, so I cannot technically sell birds at the show. I am willing to meet anyone interested along the I-5 corrider between Bothel and Chehalis that Saturday though.


    I also have a two LF Lavender Orpington Cockerels for sale as well as two Crele OEGB cockerels. See my other auctions and will offer discounts if you take more than one!
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