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    I have a couple of trios available of Gary Underwood line rhode island reds, RC LF. I purchased these directly from Gary as chicks at the end of April and I am trying to downsize a little by late this fall. I have wormed them twice in the last month with valbazen. They free range a few days a week when I am home, otherwise they have a huge enclosure. So far no eggs, and have heard an occasional attempt at crowing from the young males. No aggression issues with any of the young roosters. They are friendly but not "jump in your lap friendly"..........these are farm raised, not lap dogs if you know what I mean.
    I do not ship at this time.
    I am in southern Illinois, two hours from St. Louis and one hour from Cape Girardeau, MO or Paducah KY. I would be willing to work out delivery with you if interested.

    The trio would include one young rooster and two pullets. I am culling any of them that have defects like the occasional single comb and will be in my freezer. They all have nice horn beak color and proper leg color. I have other pictures posted on the heritage RIR forum or pm me for more.
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