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    Mar 22, 2015
    My incubator is over loaded. I just checked all of my eggs and fertility is at 100%.
    Eggs are from large fowl Sultans, I am getting a grey chick now and then which may be splash.

    Eggs range in sizes from small/medium from a pullet to large from the older girls. My flock is 2 pullets, 4 hens and 2 roosters. Each pullet is from a different location and the 4 hens are from another. Roosters are from yet another. So I've tried to vary the bloodlines as much as possible, but be aware that due to the rarity of sultans most are still inbreed quite a bit.

    Eggs are $3 each with a maximum of 10 available at any given time. Shipping is a flat $14, or if small number of eggs is requested I will try to ship in a smaller box at a lower price and refund the extra shipping. I do take paypal and my swap page has a list of breeds I'm interested in trading for[​IMG]

    Not NPIP(yet)

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