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    Apr 11, 2008
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    Okay, I've been thinking about getting a bator, 1588 with turner, from Cutlers which I just found out is about ten miles from my house. Well, a co-worker let me know that he had a bator with turner that he would sell to me for 30 bucks. I had my heart set on the 1588 but 30 compared to 146 changed my mind. It's an old hovibator still-air but what's weird is that it came with a Little Giant and Hovi-bator manuals. Both manuals have the same bator in it's pictures, weird.

    First question: I have a computer fan that I was going to use if I made my own bator. Could, and should I install it to this old still-air?

    Second question: Why couldn't I line the bottom of the bator under the wire mesh with plastic wrap to easier clean it out afterwards? If I made sure it didn't plug any vents, why would it be a problem? Any mess could be lifted up and thrown away like a liner.

  2. Add the fan.

    Use the wrap...

    Good luck and welcome to the obsession [​IMG]

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