Lice infestation!


Aug 7, 2017
Ever since my neighbor payed us back with 6 hens from an online store(We called up animal control and got them disbanded) We've had huge infestations that will not go away. I've covered the chicken coop, nesting boxes, dirt bathing area with the special dirt mix that kills lice on chickens. I also have given them medical baths(When It was warm out, And I also dried them off well) I've sprayed a medical treatment on them that will kill the lice. These methods would work for a little while, but the Lice would still come back. I need more ideas, my hens are infested once again. Please help
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Sep 13, 2011
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x3! Permethrin spray concentrate is the best! The permethrin dust works well too, but is more difficult to apply.
Are you in the USA? Other countries have other products, and rules about approved products, that will affect your choices.
In the USA, permethrin is the best choice. Lice are pretty easy to eliminate, unless you are having repeat infestations. Wild songbirds will bring mites and lice to your flock.

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