Lice/mites found


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8 Years
Apr 13, 2011
I was looking at my turkey right now and I found 2 of these bugs on him

I didn't have a chance to look over my chickens but I'm certain they have them too because they are housed together.
My question is what should I get to treat them?
Powder? Spray?
I'm not sure, this is my first mite/lice encounter and I want to be sure that I'm using the right treatment.
You have a few different options:
Dust with seven dust and then do it again in 10 days
Treat with pour on ivomec
Use Adam's flea and tick spray
Use DE and/or orange spray (some use these...I have no faith in them myself)
I am sure there are more if you do a search but I think these are the most common.
Just pick your method and make sure you treat the environment to get them all.
I prefer the first two methods myself...
Is there a dust to sprinkle on the chickens/turkeys themselves? There environment is quite large, up to 5 acres because they are free range during the day.
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