LICE!!!!!!! Need Help!

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    It was about 2 or so weeks before my serama hen was gonna be entered in the chicken showing and she got lice....! She still has them and she's not dust bathing so I'm rubbing dirt into her feathers for her once a week lol! She's had them for a while and I can seem to get rid of them! I need help! Thanks!
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    Dirt isn't going to do anything. You need to use a pesticide. DE is going to be the most natural and is non toxic but is also mild. You can also use a poultry dust, permethrin, adam's, sevin, etc. Read about each and decide what is best for you.

    When you dust the bird you need to do so very well and get all the way through her feathers to her skin all over including under her wings and around her vent. The dust will only kill the live bugs and not the eggs so you need to repeat every 7-10 days until you are certain they are gone.

    Make sure you also clean out and replace all bedding and besting materials.
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    Thanks do much!

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