Lice or Mites on Baby chicks! HELP!

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Sep 10, 2009
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I have a few broodys,,, the two in our front yard bush just started hatching. Two babies died at a day old. Looking around, small bugs either lice or mites.

What do I treat them with? I dont want to loose any more. My husband called me at work, he seperated them and dusted them with wonder dust which is for wounds because he knew it was chick safe. We are hoping it would slow them down until I got home. What do we use? HELP!
I use Sevin dust for our chickens. I have used it once (I think) for chicks. I used it on an older starling chick (chicken chicks are stronger at a week than this guy) for red mites, and he recovered and grew to adulthood. I usually put it between the shoulder blades and under the wings. I used a lot of dust for the starling chick, so I think it would be safe for chicken chicks.
I think that it is Sevin 5%, but I'm not sure. It's commonly used for chickens, so you may be able to find some more information on it if you want to.
The Chicken's Maid- Thank you, I just wanted to hear that someone had used it on babies. I picked up some poultry dust with permethrin. Cross your fingers,,, I'm headed out there to give it a try.

Thank you, Michelle

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