Lice prevention question

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10 Years
Jun 15, 2009
I just found out about this whole lice thing being a common problem. So far I haven't had a problem, knock on wood. Should I be dusting my chickens as a prevention or is it unnessisary? How common of a problem is this? Thanks
No, only treat if yo have a problem. And in my experience--i have stopped dusting. i found it more harmful than good. I needed help doing it, needed to wear a mask, and long sleeves--so putting two people in jeopardy to be exposed to the chemical. I figured ot van't be go for the birds either. and then you haqve to repeat in a few weeks.

so now, i treat with ivermectin topical .08%. that way, you are treating lice and mites, but also worming them at the same time.
I do the ivermectin program as well. The only problem is that feather-lice (versus blood taking lice) will not be effected by the ivermectin. So they will need treating if they have those to keep the feathers (aka the birds' first line of defense health-wise) in tip top shape.

Wild birds will bring bugs in, period.

Personally I *do* like to treat the bedding, dust under the bedding and in the bottom layers, and then just watch for problems.

Actually that being said, I found feather lice on my golden star hen today so guess what.

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