Lice problem- help!!

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    [​IMG] I was checking one of the Cochin girls this afternoon, and she has lice!! [​IMG]

    We went through battling lice in September, and I thought we got rid of all the nasty little bugs. Apparently not. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I just DE'd the heck out of our mixed flock (all bantams, four Cochins, five White Crested Black Polish), and I also spread DE all over the run & coop. Now that THAT's over with, and after a long hot shower, two questions:

    1:We're using 'Safer' brand DE, and I just noticed that the bag says there's bug attractant mixed into the DE. Will this hurt the flock?

    2: I couldn't positively ID the louse- it was smallish, I think roundish, and FAST. I gather from the Chicken Health Handbook by Gail Damerow that to get rid of lice I should dust every week for two or three weeks. Are all lice treated the same way, since I can't ID the louse?

    Thanks so much for any help! (Mods, please move this if it belongs in Diseases, I wasn't sure)
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  2. Did you use Food grade DE, or try 7dust on the birds esp under the wings and vent area. good luck marrie
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    Try Adam's Flea and Tick spray for dogs and cats. Just do a spray on top, bottom and under tail. Also, if you haven't, get some Seven 10% dust. It kills more critters than the 5%.

    I had feather mites and lice for a while. I DEd everyone forever and they got the heck chewed out of them and some didn't make it to the show. I switched back to my Seven and it knocked out the buggies. Do make sure you are using the Food Grade DE. It is safe if the birds ingest it. When I was in ag in high school, a friend got pool grade DE. We threw that down and all bugs died lol. Though we never had a problem with the chickens, ducks and turkey and we made the coops look like it snowed. I still recommend food grade!
    Diatomaceous Earth is good for some things, other it is not.

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