Lice treatment on Chickens

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Aug 7, 2020
I have Permethrin 13.3 and used 3.6 ml (seemed like a really small amount to me) mixed with a 32 oz spray bottle. I didn't want to mix too much since I wanted to use all that I mixed. I spent 2.5 plys hours spraying each of my I hope this concentrate is good.

The directions for chickens on the label said 8oz to 16.4 gallon water so....I just wanted to check my math and see if 3.6ml to my 32 oz spray bottle is good? I should have tested it to make sure it killed the lice on my chickens. I used up most of the spray bottle on my chickens and plan to use the rest of the bottle in the coop. Should I be using a stronger mixture?

thank you for any help.

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