Lice: trim feathers?

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    Possibly a very stupid question, but I found bug/eggs on a bird today! After the initial skeeve factor ended, I got to thinking, could I trim the shafts that contain the eggs? This would reduce the soon-to-be-hatched load.
    Within reason, of course.

    Otherwise, it's Sevin/DE/already administered Ivermectin a few days ago (it's an adopted trainwreck of a bird).
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    Nov 27, 2008
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    I wouldnt cut feathers, might unknowingly cut a blood feather. Some folks use coconut oil to remove the eggs. You could give it a try if you wish.
  3. SunAndDirt

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    Was worried about that, but prepared for the worst and was careful. (I am now one of my own clients; the person that asks for advice but refuses to listen)

    Came out on top in the end though, only "had to" take a few and they were all very mature and dry. If anything, I'll sleep better :)

    Thanks for your constant advice on this board, BTW! Your past posts have been extremely helpful since this bird came home!!

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