Apr 1, 2020
I was checking up on my girl's and I notest a few of them looking quite rough... I checked under the feathers and there were quite a few lice
I wondered if there were any home remerdies I could try......I have already put some dust bathing spots around and sprayed the roosting bar
but if there is more I could be doing I would love to know
hoppingchicks :)
2x The main ingredient to watch for is Permethrin, there's a concentrate spray (TSC) that can be used for roosts & misting the birds. I use Poulty Dust, Sevin and/or DE ... Using DE more as a preventative in the nest box, shavings and the girls.

Dusting every month; girls and coop/run. Reminder: Eggs hatch, so dust/spray at least 7 - 10days after initial procedure. Sevin is not recommended to use however we've used from years back. I like to rotate my dusting powder hence the 3 products.
You may not be able to purchase permethrin in the UK. Your vet might have a good idea, because DE is not going to treat a bad outbreak. They might use ivermectin pour-on 5mg per ml 0.1 ml per each 2 pounds, or another insecticide. You will also need to clean out all of the bedding in your coop and nest boxes, and treat your coop, roosts, and nests. Lice hatch every 10 days, so it is best to treat once, and then in 10-14 days.

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