We used to put the cold ashes from the wood stove into their dust bath. That seemed to prevent lice infestation. Be sure that the ashes are just wood ashes, no plastic or styrofoam. Also, sift them to get out nails, screw and staples.

I am reluctant to put chemicals on my animals if I can find a more natural alternative.

Sevin works great. If you have a bird(s) with lice, you can apply it to the bird (lightly). Be sure to keep it off her face and don't let her breathe it in. Then sprinkle it in their bedding and where the like to dust bathe.
As a preventive, you could use diatomaceous earth in their food and bedding. Some people swear by it for internal and external parasite control. I am just repeating what I have read though. I can't say it has worked either way when I used it, but I do put it in there on occasion.
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I think my hens have lice. does 7 dust kill them? if not what? and how do you apply?

Use sevin dust on your chickens, dust the inside of their house, including nests and roosts. Redust everything in 10 days incuding your chickens.​
I never heard of the wood ash trick. We have a wood stove and that would be a better way to get rid of the ashes. Could you just put the wood ashes in their dust bath place all the time and maybe deterr the lice so that the chickens never get the lice? I haven't had a lice problem with my girls but you never know when it will happen.
I agree totally! That's the way I look at it too. I was surprised the other day when my girls were taking a dustbath when it wasn't even 30 degrees outside.

I had never seen them do that before! My kids thought it was funny though when they saw me over with my chickens cheering them on for doing that when it was so cold outside:celebrate
I guess I'm just a little wierd!

My girls seem to react to my cheers in a good way though. I love that!
Depends on what there dusting in, if there dusting in dirt, sand, DE then no it don't help much.
If there dusting in mixture of fine dirt and Sevin Dust or Permethrin then yes the dust bathing will hep.


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