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Jun 23, 2009
I just read a book and the main character was a life coach. It sparked my curiosity and made me curious to know who uses a life coach. Has anyone here ever used one? If so, what was your experience? Did they help you?
I do not have one, but have worked with people that have them. The ones I mostly work with are for people that have developmental problems or handicaps.

ALL of the ones I have worked with are rude, blustery and refuse to follow company policies as they themselves are not employed by the company that is employing their "person." They stand and talk on their cell phones the entire time and will interrupt their person as well as other people around them. I have worked alongside 10+ people and honestly believe that people would have a better chance at employment and a career if life coaches would step back out of the picture.
I think these are not the same type of life coaches the OP is talking about....

Job coaches for developmentally/physically challenged people are different than the professional life coaches people hire to help them figure out what they want to do next in life. These are SUPPOSED to be combination therapists and mentors who help you improve your career. They would NEVER be seen at your work place or interact with your co-workers in any way.

The major problem with this field is that there is no credentialing agency or body whatsoever. Anyone can just decide they are a life coach and start handing out cards....

As for Rodriguez' issue, in those cases the employer should call the coaches agency immediately.....
I thought life coaches were more like career counseling one-on-one, never heard of anything like this. I really hope there are good ones. Anybody else? edited - I am just slow - thanks!
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I have googled life coaching this morning. They work with all areas of life -- career, relationships, etc. I have what in my yard is right, they seem to be a cross between a mentor and therapist without much credentialing. But then some seem to have physiology degrees and training. Just like most things -- there are good and bad.

I was just curious -- I hear about people in counseling/therapy and having very positive results, but had never really knew about Life Coaches until I read this book. good book by the way. Cathy Lamb is the author: The first day of the rest of my life.
Anyone can be a life coach. Though I'm sure there must be some of them who earnestly try and help, I think this business is full of snake oil salesmen who got sick of their old jobs and decided to reinvent thenselves.
I have a friend who is a "health coach". No credentials... she does like to run alot......... and digs saying "namaste".
I can't imagine anyone taking her seriously as her husband is a lazy raging alcoholic.
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I am a Life Coach and I am qualified, I am a fully qualified Higher Education Tutor and Trainer, and here in the UK they are bringing in specific qualification for the relatively "New" field of Life Coaches, I jumped the gun to be ready and upgraded my qualification to meet the criteria.

I am also a member of several professional bodies and I am CRB checked ( this is being cleared by the police to work with vulnerable people).

Life Coaches can and do work with a variety of people and they can provide Individual and business coaching if they are qualified to do so.

If you want to make changes in your life but need some support then a Life Coach can help.

Good Luck with your journey.
There are many different kinds of Life Coaches. I work for a Hosptial and my department/program are trained to be life coaches on the medical and metal side of things. It's really a great resource.

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