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May 17, 2008
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I just had to say it. I went three days ago to pick up a breeding pair of free Mini Rex bunnies from a family who had lost their husband/father very suddenly and the kids couldn't bear to do 4-H anymore without their Dad
It was a sad situation but they were just the most lovely people I have met in a loong time.
Not only did they give us the bunnies, their crates for going home, their food bowls, their water bottles, and ALL of their 4-H paperwork and workbooks, BUT to top it off we were admiring their Guinea Hens that they ranging on the property and I told her that I hoped to get some next year and she asked me if I wanted some hatching eggs, for free! She gave me a whole dozen hatching eggs that are now on day two in my bator.
I cannot get them out of my head. The two children were teenagers and were so poliet and down to earth and the Mom was just great.
I plan to send them a little something as a Thank You.
We have a bad tick problem here on our farm and I have Lyme Disease myself. Our littlest daughter who is three was treated this year for tick fever after a bite. But everyone locally wanted $5-$9 per Guinea Keet and there was no way I could swing that price until next year. These eggs were a real blessing, she said they've been giving them to her neighbor and he's been hatching them out like crazy. I cannot wait to see how many we get.
There still are some really great people out there.
Life is good!
Yes, I really have been thinking of them A LOT.
I wonder how I could ask them if there is anything I can do for them without seeming like a weird stranger.
I cannot imagine losing my husband as suddenly as they did. Those poor kids

I bet that they'd be touched by a random act of kindness from a "weird stranger". Did you see anything at their home that may indicate what they could use? Maybe take them a casserole in a disposable dish? Make a gift to a charity in their name (maybe for a cause related to the father's illness)?

This is how life-long friendships can be forged, you know.
Poor family. You could keep them supplied with eggs. Or put together a "Thankyou so very much" basket. Or just spend some time with them. Take them out to dinner or something. Keep them updated about whats going on with the eggs they gave you.

something like that...
I only have the sons e-mail address so this is what I just sent. I'm an emotional person so I was literally tearing up writing it thinking of their heartbreak because I know what a sudden loss is like but I just had to say something.
I have their address, I might send them a written Thank You and a jar of Strawberry Jam I just made....

"Hi Jesse is it?
This is Jenna, the woman who came and took your bunnies. I just wanted to really Thank You and your Mom and sister for giving us the Rabbits and the Guinea eggs. We renamed the female Dunkin so we now have Dunkin Donut lol
I have been thinking about you guys ever since we met you the other day.
I know your Mom said that you lost your Dad suddenly awhile ago and I know how hard a sudden loss can be. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers and I know I'm about to sound corny or like a weird stranger but if there is ever anything we can do to repay you for the kindness you have shown us, please don't hesitate to ask. It's not often in this world anymore that you meet really genuinely good people but I get the feeling you guys are some of them ;-)
Tell your Mom I'm thinking of you guys and something as simple as some free Guinea eggs really touched my heart. I have Chronic Lyme Disease from a tick bite I got as a teenager and my little girl who is 3 was just treated a couple of months ago for Tick fever from a bite she got here on our farm. I have heard great things about Guineas eating ticks but everyone locally wanted $5-$9 per Guinea Keet and I just couldn't swing that this year. I was hoping to buy some next year.
So, you see it was a real blessing to us when your Mom offered us those eggs. They are in my incubator on day 2. I will be sure to let you know how they do.
My kids love the bunnies dearly. Thank You so much.
Bless you all,
Jenna and Family"

Sound okay?

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