Light Brahma Egg Color/Bloom???


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Aug 18, 2010
I have a light brahma, she lays well but sometimes the eggs have speckels, sometimes not ...her eggs are a brownish pink with a "white" or "creamy" coating, is this the bloom? if i touch the egg right after she lays it is still wet and i can wipe off the "creamy" or white coloring, if i collect the egg 10 min or more after it is layed the creamy coloring is part of the shell, cant scratch or wash it off. it does not affect the inside of the egg. i was just wondering if its normal and if what eggs of other white brahmas lay..... wish i had pics, but i dont today. thanks for looking
I've never noticed the bloom to be a creamy or white color, but you are correct it is the sticky stuff you feel on a fresh laid egg.
Most of my brahma girls lay pinkish-brown eggs, with speckles sometimes.
I looked at the egg quality handbook page, but couldn't find anything quite like what you described. Here it is, for what it's worth:

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