Light brahma sexing??


5 Years
Oct 8, 2014
I've got two production reds, two light brahmas, and one white barred rock. Now, I was hoping to get all females, because they were already sexed (but of course nothing 100%)... And I've noticed some major difference between my two production red... Was really hoping it was just quick growth.. But one of my PR is definitely a Roo.. However, I can't tell of one of my light brahmas is a rooster.

My three girls

My Roo

And my mystery chick
Other LB for comparison

Reason why I'm wondering why the LB is a Roo is mostly because of personality difference and the tail feathers.
I've only got the other LB to compare with, so I'm not to sure???
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Thanks Bantam

I can easily tell between single combs
But the light brahmas are hard for me to tell

Was mostly wondering because of the tail size difference between the two.

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