Light Brahma???

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May 1, 2017
A month ago I got chicks, one of which was a Light Brahma. Or at least I thought so...
Just barely I was looking at pictures of Light Brahmas, and I saw several chick pictures with yellow chicks with black on them. Mine was yellow all the way. So that got me wondering, Is she a Light Brahma?
This is her when she was a few days old.

And this is her now

Her name is Sunny:)
Looks like a light brahma from what I can see.
What kind of comb?
I have Columbian pattern in a different breed and they are always pure yellow as chicks in down.
I can't really tell, but it looks like a rose comb.
I'm sure she's a Brahma, I just want to make sure the color is right.
Though I guess it will be fun to have a surprise, too!
She's starting to look like a Light, though.
The down color has me a little stumped but she's feathering out to look like a light brahma..maybe she will look like a broken pattern light brahma-ish, if that makes sense, lol.

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