Light for baby chicks ?


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I have heard colored light bulbs for baby chicks to keep them warm , what color is the best and where would you get colored bulbs? Mine will be in less than a month from now.
Red bulbs are best. It keeps down feather picking. Don't use a white bulb. Feed stores usually carry the red ones.
What kind of chicks are you getting?
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I am getting Black Sex Links, Ameracaunas, Buff Orfagan and I rightly don't know if I spelled them right or not but Their the Easter Chickens and I am getting the Buffs for good setting hens for I prefer the chicken hatch the chickens and raise them herself. I had one do just that and I just loved watching her take care of them it was awesome! i been told if you put a hen in a cage for 2 days and give her feed and water but leave her in the dark she would start setting is that true? All together am suppose to get 15 pullets and one rooster.
I do have another question, should ducks be fed chick starter? Should they be kept separate from the chicks?
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I've never had ducks before so I don't I'm not sure what to tell you food wise for them. I think people do brood baby ducks and chicks together, but again, I'm not sure about that.
Do a quick search on the duck section and I know there is great information there.
Good luck with the new chicks and ducklings!
The way I understand it, ducks should not be fed medicated chick starter.
People do brood chicks and ducks together, but you have to be extra vigilant because ducks like water right from the start and keeping the brooder dry enough for the chicks is going to be a hassle if the ducklings are playing in the water all the time. A wet chick can become a sick chick real quick (sorry, didn't mean to rhyme
The thing about getting a hen to go broody by keeping her in the dark? A myth if you ask me. I've tried it and just about everything else under the sun.

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