Light in coop always on.

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    I moved my girls to a new coop. I put a light in it so they could get accustomed to the new home. I have just left it on 27/7 so I can see if there's any action from predators at night through the window. Im scared since my first predator attack a few weeks ago. Anyways, they have slowed WAY down on laying. Reckon its from the light or from moving to the coop?
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    It could be either or both. They usually don't like change so the move to the coop could easily cause problems in egg laying. Once they get comfortable in there, that problem can go away. But it may take weeks or even months. The stress of the move could possibly trigger a molt too.

    The light being on all the time creates other problems. There are some egg laying problems that light can cause. The Egg Quality Handbook mentions a few light related problems.

    Egg Quality Handbook

    But also hormones trigger the hen to release the yolk to start the egg formation. I'm not exactly sure what triggers those hormones to tell her to release one, but I think it a period of light after darkness could be a part. It is obviously not the same with every hen, and I think it is a "learned" behavior since pullets just starting to lay are more irregular, but that may be why most eggs are laid in the morning, about 25 hours after the yolk is released.
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