light on or off? One or the other, plz advise.

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    Feb 16, 2009
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    I have a hen in infirmary, (from this thread-plz feel free to jump in if you can help with that issue)

    who is just starting to eat and drink a tiny bit-(phew). I have to go away overnight, and will be back Sunday evening. I don't have a light and timer to put in the room with her.

    My only options are light on, or light off. There is no natural light in the room. (basement bathroom)

    By leaving the light on, I don't want to stress her out to the point where she doesn't want to eat...and she's not exactly bearing her confinement well in the first place-she wants out!

    By leaving the light off, I don't want her to just sleep and not eat or drink.

    What should I do?
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    Aug 5, 2009
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    If it is just for a night I would say leave the light on before you leave her in the dark. Can you either just use a low voltage lamp to have some low light or put some type of divider or box for sleeping in so she can choose? I don't know how much space you have and if she can move around to get to the lighted area with food/wter vs a sectioned off area to sleep/roost???

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