Lighting in the brooder problem

bonnie in indiana

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I am an older poultry raiser and raise show birds. I have always taken my chicks from the hatcher and put them in card board boxes and in recent years plastic totes. Heat source is 100W light bulb to start and work down to 25W using my judgement in moving the chicks to bigger quarters and lower wattage.

My question: Is the 100, 75, 60W bulbs available? {I keep forgetting to ckeck the stores?}
And what are you using for heat and light in your brooders?


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11 Years
Apr 13, 2008
Bowdon, GA
I continue to be able to buy light bulbs and it is my understanding that heat bulbs will continue to be available. I don't know how much longer 100 "regular" light bulbs will be available. I'd try to stock up on those if you don't use standard heat bulbs!
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