Lil' Duplex Bantam Townhouse Coup/Run

Discussion in 'Coop & Run - Design, Construction, & Maintenance' started by paddock36, Mar 13, 2009.

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    And they could push through the chicken wire...opossums and racoons can scale fences. I think if you were able to close them in the house part at night they'll be fine.
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    To answer some questions. Yes that is the first coop I made and I still use for my teenage chicks. My hens are actually in the corner under the big tree. As far as predators I know about raccoons and oppossums but I have four dogs and the only thing that has gotten in my yard has been a mole, rabbit, and grass snake, which they killed. However, they have never bothered my chickens or chicks. They have never even tried to dig in the pen or coop. Even when the door accidentally came open to my hens and they got out. The only thing they haven't caught is the squirrels. So I guess I'm lucky.
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    I love the color!

    Good luck with the tractor. Looking at the evolution of the tractors on, she has changed tractors over the years as needed to make it to fit their situation. You may be just fine. If you have problems with predators, make the necessary changes. If you have dogs, you'll know if you have a predator come into the yard pretty quick.

    My dog seems to keep the raccoons out of our yard too, so far. He relishes any chance to defend the yard, but usually only gets the squirrels coming through. I'm not sure if once the chickens move into our coop, our predator situation will change or not. Neighbors complain about problems with raccoons in the trash and oppossums under fruit trees and in veggies, but they don't have big dogs.
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    I have similar setup. I have never as of yet had any critter try to dig under my run but a neighborhood dog dug under the fence to the yard and killed one of my hens. Now I have electric wire outside the fence. I have had a couple of attempts but once they get a taste of the 6000 volts they don't try it again so far. The voltage doesn't kill the critter but it sure gives them one heck of a shock. There are pictures on my BYC Page.

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