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May 30, 2011
Just thought I'd share a story...'bout my little house chickens.

In early July, my broody hens hatched some chicks---but one egg (a day late), was cracked open too early. The lil chick still had his yolk out, and I didn't think he'd survive. But I kept him moist and warm and he sealed up completely and became our ''House chicken''. We named him BigFoot because in his first days he had a white guinea keet companion named Yeti (she however grew too loud to be a house pet!)
. Anyhow, I kept him in my room, and he grew to be so friendly and trusting with people--he even perched on my shoulder when I walked around the house. He never grew quite properly--I think it had to do with his slow start in life. Anyway, when he was a few weeks old, he got a friend--a 4week old chick that one of our broodies had stopped taking care of. They became so close, and when we let them out free-ranging, they always stuck together.
This other chick was named Peatree, and he too became very friendly with people.

Then, not 2weeks ago, when the chickens (including the chicks) were free ranging in the yard, Bigfoot disappeared.

We looked everywhere. Not a trace. At first I thought a hawk took him. Later, however, I found out our neighbor's young daughter had come to feed our rabbits carrots---and probably brought their 3 dogs with them.

Every night now, alone, little Peatree stays on the front steps waiting to come in. But something made me smile last night---cuz it was getting dark, and nobody had let Peatree in yet, and my brother and I were in the middle of the yard, moving our rabbits, and lil' Peatree saw us our there and ran all the way to the middle of the yard and stopped at my feet--waiting to be picked up and put inside.

I miss Bigfoot a lot
, but I'm really happy I have such a sweet little chicken like Peatree. I didn't think house chickens could be so fun

Oh---I've gotta run! Peatree's chirping at the door to be let in
I'm sorry about Bigfoot
He had wonderful times with you, and I'm sure his life was brighter than 99 percent of chickens out there. Glad you still have a sweet house chicken

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