lima/green beans? need quick answer


9 Years
Jun 4, 2010
N. Ontario CANADA
I have a bag of frozen vegies that itws just sitting in the freezer, it has carrots, peas, corn, lima beans and green beans.....what I am worried about is the LIma beans are those ok to feed to the hens?? I want to give them this as their evening snack, any info on this I wasn't able to find much on lima beans!!
They better be OK, I've been giving mine mixed veggies for 7 years, about every other or third day.

Imp- I think the bean issue is dried uncooked beans.
thank you..I am steaming them right now, so I hope they like them lol...

What's funny is that mine will eat mixed veg, but not plain peas or plain lima beans, not green beans from Safeway only from Fred Meyers.

weird chickens

Imp- anyone want an open bag of Safeway Green Beans?

I had a bear around earlier, and hunters are out and about today so I didn't take the time today to gather them some fresh grasses and weeds from my fields (they ate everything inside they 16x20 run) so I am making up for it by making them an alfalfa cube warm mash and mixed vegies. but they sure can complain when I don't give them their grasses/weeds!!!!
thank you I did take a look at the list but I wasn't really sure about lima beans. I just gave them 2 pie plates full of the mash and vegies and they seem to be taking out all the lima and green beans and going for the other way they seem happy enough. what ever they do not eat the chipmunks that go int here after they go back inside for the evening will get the rest :-/ I have tried everything in my power to get those chipmunks to go away, not be able to get in. but they still get in. so I gave up until DH gets home next week. I don't have the heart to dispatch them and they are not even afraid of my dogs either. oh well. next time I will buy just carrots and

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