Lime Dust for Smell Control

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    Any reason why I can't use lime dust for smell control? Ideally I'll keep things cleaned up on a regular basis but there is only so much you can do. My neighbors are OK with me having chickens, but I don't want them to change their minds!

    Is there any concern with respiratory issues using the dust. I put it down in the run after the birds are cooped at night, and on slightly wet soil. If not like dust, is their another recommendation?
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    The problem with lime, is there are so many kinds of it, and from what I have read about it is that many garden center sales people don't know what kinds are safe. Some kinds can be very bad and burn their eyes and lungs. Pine shavings are very reasonable, and if you use them and add a bit of new a couple of times a week, it doesn't smell bad. Just rake it around and add more shavings hen needed. There are other products like Sweet PDZ that are sprinkled into the coop to help the smell and to dry it out.
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    Use Hydrated Lime not the others or The Sweet PDZ .
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    A lot of people go with sand in the run and scoop out and rake with kitty litter scoop. You can keep things poop free if you take the time and just keep the sand from washing away with some borders. I use sand in the coop and nest boxes. Wear a mask when scooping and raking.

    There was a "Got Sand you should" thread.
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