Limit their tomatoes??


8 Years
Jul 9, 2011
We have recently discovered that the girls LOVE tomatoes! They will eat as many as the kids will feed them. I have been letting them feed them a couple every evening, but my mom said, "Won't it give them diarrhea?"...I was like, "uummmmm...I don't know"

Do you think that I should limit their tomatoes, or just let them enjoy the treats while they are available??

It's probably OK. How many do they get?

Also, remember that hens don't urinate. Everything is passed out the same exit, so watery poop for them doesn't always mean sick.
Well, the kids usually cut up 2 or 3 tomatoes each evening and it is split between the 6 hens. They would probably eat more though...they go NUTS for them. My son even hold them up a few inches above thier heads and they will jump up to get a bite...they are hilarious!
My hens eat far more than 3 tomatoes at a time. In fact, when I make tomato sauce to can we scoop out all the tomato guts and give it to them by the bowl full. They're healthy and happy- and very, very greedy.
Yeah, mine just got the stem and blossom ends from a HUGE batch of salsa, along with the pepper and onion scraps. Next day, you'd have thought the eggs would be salsa-flavored!
Chickens frequently have more diarrhea-like manure during the summer. It's because they drink so much water in the effort to keep cool and hydrated. They don't have a separate urination process, so they drop eliminate the excess water in their manure.
Sorry. I don't have an answer to your question, but I love the picture. Very sweet
Your chickens look like they are politely waiting their turn for a treat. If I sat on the ground to feed mine treats, I'd probably lose an eye...or at least a few fingers
When I canned tomatoes this summer, I used food mill to get the seeds and peels out, I then put it in plasticware and let it cool. I then put it on drive when flock is free ranging, and they go nuts. Crops are so full, they look like they could bust. They all came running both times I did this. Small amount of cooked onion (very small and very cooked down) is in there too and I have noted no off tastes in eggs. They lovethe stuff. They like fresh tomatoes too. I don't think it is harmful.

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