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Jul 20, 2011
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I have 4 juvenile peacocks and plan on getting more. They are in a really neat temporary pen. I wanted to know if anyone had some suggestions about materials, shape, size of pens for someone with a budget? Should I build with an eye towards them becoming adults? Also the chickens took over my adult breeding pen but from the looks of the breeding pens I have seen on here so far ours wrong. My husband can build anything. I don't know if his ideas on this are gonna be? Um the right way to go. I would like ya'lls opinion, please.

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Oct 27, 2010
Cement, OK
Craigslist is an awesome source for materials. Old privacy fence panels, sheet metal, anything you can imagine. Do you have any buildings that could serve as 1 side to your pen? Less labor & materials. Most of my pen is recycled materials that have been repurposed. Aviary netting was my biggest expense. We are still building ours. But getting close to the finish line!


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Jul 7, 2010
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I bought my wood at home depot, $300 buys a lot of wood LOL. I built a shed for them. Even though they go into it very little I know I have a safe place to put them if bad weather strikes. So when planning out your pen and coop/shed/building keep in mind that it needs to hold up to whatever weather you get in your area. I think the costliest pieces to the pen were actually the netting on the top and the fencing. To fence in my 50 x 65 pen it cost me about $300 - 400 and the netting cost me between $200 -300. Like I said $300 buys a lot of wood. I used P/T yard timber is is only $3.97 at my home depot and each is 8 feet long. The shed cost me about 300 to build for materials maybe a little less. The windows cost about $60 each and I have 3. The siding cost me $60 which I got as leftovers from a siding company. I do have pictures if you search my "topics"
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