Limping chick! Help!!!

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    Jul 17, 2011
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    My accident prone immortal chick Isabel (she has her own topic, "My Lucky Chick") had ANOTHER accident. The babies were outside for some fresh air with their mama Cadenza and suddenly magpies circled the babies(by the way the babies are only 2 weeks old). Cadenza and I managed to shoo them away for a bit but one grabbed Isabels leg hard and started to fly away with her by her leg. Cadenza and I both attacked the magpie and it dropped her. I quickly put them back in their cage, scared and relieved that no one got eaten, and forgot to check Isabel. I came back to check on the little ones about 3-5 hours later and I noticed Isabel was limping and wouldnt put any pressure on the leg that the magpie got (which is the right leg I think). I checked it out, it doesnt look very swollen. She was chirping VERY loudly in the cage, so she is most likely in pain. When gently I touched a bit of her lower leg and her foot she chirped loudly and moved it away. Is there anything I can do for her?

  2. Try keeping her confined and hopefully in a couple of day she will be right back to normal as long as you didn't see any blood. [​IMG]

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